Goodbye   dear   friend....

This page,which happens to be small for now,is in loving memory of (in my opinion-and many others) the BEST CHRISTIAN INDUSTRIAL BAND EVER-ARGYLE PARK. If you doubt that they made an impact,go to Flaming Fish Music and check their poll. Argyle won for the past two years the spot of best signed Christian industrial band ever. SO! There's ya Proof! Argyle Park was not an actual "band" as the term is usually defined. The "actual" members of Argyle Park consisted of BUKA,DEATHWISH,and DRED. Now here's where it gets tricky, you see DEATHWISH and DRED are not actual existing humans. The infamous SCOTT ALBERT of CIRCLE OF DUST used BOTH names as alias' while making the Argyle album "Misguided". This is odd,I think, because he also used the alias CELLDWELLER on this same album. Now-who needs THREE alias' on ONE album? Either way, he can really do what he wants as this album is so awesome. The album itself contained a plethora of other artists. Argyle Park saw something done that perhaps has never been done before. Artists from both the secular and christian music world came together, and many of them for that matter. The guests include everyone from TOMMY VICTOR of Prong, to JIM THIRWELL of Foetus, to Jyro from Mortal and MARK SALOMAN of The Crucified fame. Also unique to this album is the fact that many different styles of music are represented here. There are touches of death metal,hardcore,techno,AMBIENT,NOIZE, speed,thrash,spoken word, and many other styles in between. MY point being that Argyle Park was the collaberative efforts of musical genius' and definitely a project that exceeds most of today. Unfortunately, in feb. of '95 BUKA officially closed the Park. This was the result of constant chaos in his personal life due to the band. Well, as he put it, I did not have time for the band and my personal life. Obviously, this can be understood to a certain extent. First of all, BUKA has many other oportunities available to him. I can see not wanting to box yourself in at such a early point in a career. Word has it that he's now got a job at a prominent Music TeleVision Network. Secondly, Argyle Park was such a magnificent musical entity that it would be hard to continue on without the quality suffering. I said hard, not impossible, I'm sure BUKA could've pulled it off had he chosen to do so. Other than this, alot more responsibility would've been placed on BUKA since the First album was quite the collaberative effort. The other members of Argyle Park vanished into thin air never to re-appear. Scott Albert decided that he would put them aside to work on his Producing activities under the name CELLDWELLER. There will be a final CIRCLE OF DUST album out as soon as some legalities are settled w/R.E.X.-it will be called "Disengage". He also spends most of his time now on his new "band" ANGELDUST. So far, there are 22 tracks recorded for ANGELDUST-Scott doesn't sing though. Of course, Scott now uses the name Klay Scott. He says that this is his final name change--we'll see I suppose.... Also, many people are Argyle Park fans w/out even knowing it. Tommy Victor liked the music for "DOOMSAYER" so much that he used it on the new PRONG album, although he changed the name and re wrote the lyrics. No matter, ARGYLE PARK will be sorely missed by many and Not available to many more.(It's distributor took a nose-dive) This must become a treasure to be passed on to other generations. Argyle Park owners-BE RESPONSIBLE and PASS this on to your children.

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Songs-----------------------Bands involved w/vocals

Headscrew---------------Crucified/klank/Christy sweet
Agony-------------------Mortal/apmass choir
Scarred for life--------dred(Celldweller)
A burden's folly--------Argyle Park/celldweller
Leave me alone----------Drown/Argyle Park
Violent-----------------evoleyejeni/celldweller/argyle park
GUTTERbOY---------------CHATTERbOX/apmass choir II
"planning skinshed"-----Buka/deathwish
"Imitation noize"-------Buka
Circle------------------Christy sweet
Drive, He Said----------Buka/Steve taylor